STUR- Water Flavor Enhancer

We have heard about it, seen it and even know it. The one secret to almost anything is ……WATER!!!! How many times in our lives have we been stressed on the importance or drinking water. Warm water, cold water, 8 glasses of water, as much as you can drink water. Point is the secret to a long healthy life is drinking water.

But sometimes its hard to get those 8 glasses in. We all love some zing, some zang, some kick. That’s where those small bottles come in. I’m sure you must be thinking why is she stressing so much on these particular kind. I know the market is flooded with flavored water and also flavor enhancers so what makes Stur so special. So glad you asked.

Sugar…..the one thing we all strive to keep out of our lives. Most of the flavored waters are loaded with them. If not that that artificial colors. If not that then strange ingredients which you cannot even pronounce.

The best thing about Stur is that it is non-gmo, made from natural fruit juices and is sweetened using stevia. Vegetable juices like carrot or beets are used to give color, this means no artificial dyes. If you are trying to loose weight it will definitely come in handy. You can read more at

If you are travelling with kids or even going somewhere yourself keep this small bottle in your bag/purse. Just a few drops in your kids water and you will be the best mom/dad they ever had. I usually make fresh lemonade for my kids (recipe coming soon) but when we are on a go then Stur is my best friend. Best part is that there are a variety of flavors to choose from ranging from fruit punch all the way  to black tea. In our house we all have our own favorites therefore its more convenient to order the Stur Variety pack.

With  spring already here and summer crawling behind Stur will be a flavorful addition to your gym bag, office bag, purse, pantry or car always ready so you have no reason not to drink that big bottle of water.

Different flavors of Stur
I love to fill my mason jar and gulp it up



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