Hey there,

My name is Faika and I am an Engineering Management Graduate from California and of Pakistani Origin. Currently I am living in Texas with my husband and two kids.

A few years back life threw me a curve ball when my younger son was diagnosed with Autism. Since life forgot to send a “How To” manual, it took me years of research, moral support by family, friends and strangers, websites/vlogs/ blogs/podcasts, guidance, prayers, laughter and tears to be in a place where I am today. In this journey the career-mom took the backseat and the warrior-mom got to and is still the driver.

For us the definition of “normal” changed the day he was diagnosed. Our view of life, parenting and everything inbetween and is a journey towards happiness and peace, hence the name of the blog “In Search of Sukoon”.

This blog will give you an idea that the lives of families struck with any kind of challenge is hard, but they make the most of out it with a lot of happiness, gratitude and loads of fun.

Everyday, life teaches me a big lesson that it is not just black or white but is full of colors. Since life does not have a specific niche, so doesn’t my blog. You will see posts from all colors of life including but not limited to

★      Parenting (The whole deal )
★      Autism (Everything I have learnt so far )
★      Travel (Idea & Tips)
★      Food (Recipes/Reviews/Tips/Nutrition)
★      Clean Living & DIY
★      Books (Recommendations and Reviews)
★      Heartfelt Deep Conversations

and much more….

If you can think of a topic, you will find a post about it here. And if for someone reason there isn’t one, shoot an email to me.

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Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your time here.

♥ Faika