And one by one they disappeared…..

The serene and sweet month of Ramzan came and went. Like always the start was rocky and needed some adjustments but once the body learnt the rhythmic melody it became second nature.

 I always feel sad when Ramzan ends because for a lot of reasons that month is sacred and special. Prayers, actions, devotions, control, charity, food, sleep anything you name, tastes better. It’s as if you are feeling that feeling for the first time.

When you look forward to folding your arms to pray…..

When thinking of less blessed people makes you more and more grateful and humble……..

When food eaten at Sehri and Iftar has a unique flavor……..

When you try to find reasons to be good……

When you do zikr into the wee hours of the night and that even with full concentration trying to shun the sleep away……..

Such is the blessed month of Ramzan.

Every year I hope to carry on the torch of Shukar, Yaqeen and Sabr with the same enthusiasm but once Ramzan ends, the light starts to flicker making me realize that the efforts needs to increase.

If you make a lot of promises to yourself or desire to do a lot of good things even after Ramzan ends and are not able to live up to to your own expectations, don’t get disheartened. It’s okay to fall off the train, the more important thing is to get up and board it from another station because there is a train waiting for you at every corner. All you have to do is to take the first foot forward. Start small and build on it.

Let us keep on encouraging each other to be good and do good because this something the world needs today. Do a random act of goodness every day be it as small as brining a smile to someone’s face.

May Allah accept our prayers and fasts and bless us and write out names in the lucky people who will be blessed with Ramzan next year.


Thanks to my friends, here is sneak peak into some of the yummy food I enjoyed this Ramzan.  You will be in a food coma just by looking at it 🙂

































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