OMEGA-3s…..Yes Please

I won’t bore you with big long paragraphs on the Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) Omega-3 and why does your body need it.  For that there are plenty of articles like this one from Harvard.

When I visit a website I want quick, right away answers, so I will do the same for you.

If your diet consists of a good quantity of…….








…….then you are A-okay. All the above mentioned food items are rich sources of Omega-3 and you have nothing to worry about.




If your diet does not include the items mentioned above, you must supplement your diet with a good quality Omega-3.

Why you may ask???

Again simple answer……

If you or someone you know has …………










……… means Omega-3 is missing in your body.

Fish Oil is the best source of Omega-3 and there are soo many options out there each tasting more unpleasant than the previous one making it hard to find a good one.

To be honest I don’t like the fishy taste of the gold capsules and some of the liquid ones are hard to swallow. There is no point in buying a product, you or your kids won’t consume no matter how much high the recommendations or reviews are.

Two years ago, I saw Barlean’s Swirls in my local health store. I  got curious and researched the products. They have a whole range of fish oils and other blends but its the swirls line in particular which is the winner.


omega 3 fish oil

There are a lot of flavors, so I randomly picked one up. The moment of truth was the first whiff on opening the bottle. I was impressed!!! There was no fishy smell but a smooth fruity one. I called my son and asked him to try it expecting a spit out or a “It’s soo Yucky” response. Instead he was like “Yummy”.


Now on to the product itself.

autism omega 3 barleans

Barlean’s Swirls, where nutrition tastes like dessert, comes in more than 5 flavors and there are multiple formulations to choose from depending on your specific needs. There is no fishy taste and no greasy leftover in the mouth. You can always have it in-between meals to make it more easier but you can definitely have it whenever and it wont upset your stomach or have any lingering taste. I buy the regular, not the kids one and give half of the recommended dose to my boys.

Our favorites are Fish Oil Omega Swirl in Mango Peach and Pina Colada.

If you cannot have fish oil for any reason, try the Flax Oil Swirl, works equally well (according to a friend).


So no more guessing, trying and wasting money. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid and the best way to supplement is to try Barlean’s Swirls.


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