Kitchen Handwash usually comes in Lemon scent so when I saw this new handwash from METHOD in Thyme scent I knew I had to try it.

The clear handwash comes in a 100% recycled sleek plastic bottle and is tricolsan-free, biodegradable and is derived naturally. It is infused with mint basil and thyme extracts and smells heavenly.

Unlike a lot of kitchen soaps, this will not dry your hands but will do an amazing job of removing all the lingering odors. I do a lot of desi cooking and if you do it too, then you know it’s not easy to get the garlic and onion and other spices smell out that easily. But just a pump of this thyme handwash and all the smells just vanish away and you are left with clean, fresh smelling hands. The fragrance is soo beautiful that you will find yourself smelling your hands over and over again.

So if you are looking for a nice kitchen handwash for 2017, try Method Thyme Kitchen Gel Handwash.  If you have a TARGET nearby, you can find it in store or order on their website or else Amazon Rocks!!!

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