A lot of people have asked me on random occasions about my favorite beauty products or what I am wearing at that very moment. While I am no fashionista or a makeup-ista (??) I do have some favorite products which I wear like a uniform.

I love me a simple routine. Less is better when is comes to makeup too. Although I looove to experiment, these are my go-to products for he past few months (some for the past few years). My mantra when it comes to beauty products is………………………..


                                  “If it works….stick with it!”


To give you an idea, my skin type is normal-dry and tends to get oily in the t-zone (not the fry egg type oily though). Thanks to the blazing California sun and my very own carelessness my skin has visibly darkened or should I say burnt in the last few years.

(Lesson learnt………….Start using SPF the moment you can say ABC 🙂 )

Without further ado here are my most enjoyed beauty products.




bb cream


It is more like a tinted moisturizer than a BB Cream which provides a light coverage to the skin giving it a sheer illuminating glow. Perfect for every day wear. If you are looking for a matte bb cream then this is not for you.

The shade adjusts to your skin tone and blends well. Does not have any funky smell which is added bonus.


Who can buy???

Someone with normal or dry skin looking for that beautiful glow. Super oily skin types, stay away.


Where to Buy???

Amazon or Pacifica Website




For days when you are sleep deprived (ring any bells??) and are a complete zombie with BIG DARK UNDEREYE CIRCLES, Maybelline Age Rewind concealer is God send. It works like magic. A little goes a looong way.

If your dark circles peek thru even after applying the concealer then first put the neutralizer and add the concealer on top. I have been using this concealer for the past soo many years and no matter how many high or low-end brand concealer I buy, I always end up reaching out for this slim baby. It costs less than $10, so next time you are in a beauty/drug store pick one up. No regrets!!!


Who can buy???

Anyone who doesn’t want to look like a Racoon. Easily workable with all skin types.


Where to Buy???

Amazon or Target



I have confession to make. For the longest time I did not wear any SPF.


I simply hate, hate the white, weird smelling concoctions.

After much search I found La Roche-Posay Anthelios Face Sunscreen and it has been my favorite like for ever, but a few months back when I ran out of it and headed to my local Target to get it, it was sold out. Standing in the beauty aisle I panic-ly searched amazon, and it said “out of stock”. I wanted something right away, so I randomly picked up the Garnier Moisture Bomb. To be honest, I had no expectations from it and now it has become my go to sunscreen.

First of all I love the pump style cap which twists to get locked so no more oops it spilled moments. It is kind of watery but not runny and has a pleasant berryish smell (yum). There is no white residue and it gets absorbed super quickly without feeling greasy. Moisture Bomb doubles as a good base for the makeup and the best part is that it is super hydrating. Soo many benefits…..

Who can buy???

Anyone looking for a fast absorbing sunscreen/moisturizer without the nasty smell.


Where to Buy???

Amazon or Target





This is the latest addition to my current favorites. During her visit to LA, my sister presented me with this liner and trust me I have wearing it non-stop every day. Love that it is dual sided with a fine tip on one end and a flat tip on the other so can wear your style. The color is blackest black.

As the box says you can wear it three ways. Ultra-fine, thin or thick. I love using the flat end side to wear it as a thick liner. Unlike some of the liners, it stays put the whole day. Cat eyes were always a challenge for me, but this eyeliner has made it possible to wear one everyday. Yes, it is a bit pricey but oh so worth it. I hope Estee comes out with other colors in this line.

Who can buy???

For those who find applying eye liner a challenge.


Where to Buy???

Ulta or Estee Lauder








A while back Korean beauty products took the beauty market by storm. Although there were a lot of products to try from, it was the masks which became an instant hit.

The first time I ordered these masks was via Amazon a while back and I still remember it took around two months to get them. Maybe it was the high demand or maybe they were being shipped internationally?? To be honest when the package came, I had completely forgotten about it.

I got the TonyMoly “I’m Real” Mask Set. There were 11 masks in the set. I will say for sure, that there were some masks I enjoyed more than the others. Each mask is individually wrapped and the benefits vary from calming, hydrating, pore tightening and much much more.

The mask is soaking in minerals and other ingredients which get absorbed in the skin quickly. You are not supposed to wash your face after using it. For some masks I found the eye area not to be completely cut off so I closed my eyes and covered my eyes with it too. At the end of a busy day, I love to unwind with a rich sheet mask I know my skin will be glowing in the morning.

Affordable price and good quality.


Who can buy???

Everyone. Different flavors to choose from according to your skin needs.


Where to Buy???

Ulta or Amazon



Lately I have seriously started taking care of my skin. Well that does not mean I am good all days of the week, but I can surely say most of the days. Thankfully I am blessed with healthy skin but to avoid the wrinkles from coming at a hare’s pace I have recently started using naturally potent Vitamin C night cream infused with rooibos and probiotics which promotes cell turnover while neutralizing daily toxins.

Though a night cream, it is not at all greasy and gets absorbed super easily. There is no shine and the smell is not over powering at all.  Love it!

When ever I use this product at night, my skin feels hydrated and soft in the morning.

I have also started using the Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum and am enjoying it so far but it is still a bit early to say if it makes my favorite list or not.


Who can buy???

Anyone wanting to give the skin the necessary nourishment and keep the wrinkles away.


Where to Buy???

Derma-E or Amazon







Like always I like to save the best for last.

I have a confession again. I am the biggest fan of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.

I have been wearing Bare Minerals like forever and still do but it only provides sheer coverage. I accidently stumbled upon the Youngblood Cosmetics counter in a boutique store and instantly fell in love with this line.

My favorite product is the Liquid Mineral Foundation which I have been a crazy fan of since the past 4 years. It is definitely on the pricier side but its the natural ingredients which you are paying for.

Sometimes when I get bored with it, I will end up buying another foundation,  but I always find myself coming back to it. Its been happening for the last four years so I guess this love ain’t dying.

The coverage is medium but is buildable with a satin finish. Combine it with their Primer (Vegan and Gluten Free ) and enjoy the party without worrying about your makeup at all.

For the complete effect try their Contour and Illuminate Palette and don’t leave without some color on the cheeks (my favorite is the Luminous Crème Blush in Tropical Glow).



Who can buy???

Anyone wanting natural liquid foundation with coverage.


Where to Buy???

Youngblood Mineral Foundation


Did your favorite products make the list??


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