Lets face it………

We all have been there………….

The times when we ate too much, too wrong or too quickly and some moments later digestion takes a reverse gear….


On cold days, when you crave something warm every hour, something refreshing but not the usual tea or coffee…..


The days when “Bus unhi dil chah raha hay” (For no reason the heart desires)……..

What ever the reason, we all have been there.

Being a tea-lover myself, I have this habit of randomly trying herbal teas. Sometimes the whole box remains untouched while other times,  the tea bags magically disappear.

Mint Tea is the staple flavor of every tea company out there. But you will surprised how some companies manage to screw-up the simple flavor of Mint.

Yes! Unfortunately, its true.

Let me shine some light on two amazing Peppermint Teas. One caffeine-free and the other with caffeine but with a hidden bonus and lastly a recipe for a tea which you can make in minutes.

Read on to figure out which one is best for you…..


I love products with simple ingredients and this tea from Harney & Sons has one ingredient….Oregan Peppermint Leaves.

The peppermint tea leaves are cut and enclosed in a silkish triangular tea bag. So fancy.

The tea comes in a vintage tin and there are 20 high quality tea bags. One thing I really like about it, is that you get 2 cups of tea from 1 tea bag.

Did someone mention budgeting 🙂

One sip and you will fall in love. This Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea is rejuvenating with a strong mint taste. Perfect for that mmmm feeling.

Excellent for sharing or having it all by yourself. Make it hot or cold, this is one peppermint tea which you will become your daily favorite.

Where to Buy?

Amazon or Target


tapal green tea

This is a new find and has just hit the market a few months back. It is basically green tea but tastes like Moroccan Mint.

The tea comes in a card box and contains 30 tea bags and costs less than $5. Right now it is only available in International Supermarkets but I am sure it will be available on Amazon soon.

If you are someone like me who wants to take green tea for its health benefits but just can’t because of its taste, then rejoice as this herbal tea solves your dilemma.

Unfortunately like most green teas, it is not caffeine-free, so if you are someone who is affected by caffeine, then I highly suggest it taking it waay before bedtime.

Luckily, caffeine does not bother me that much, so I enjoy a cup of it after dinner.

tapal green tea

So there you go, two highly promising, tasty minty herbal teas. Try both and see which one becomes your go to Peppermint Tea.

Now onto a simple home recipe…..


Diy mint tea

If you have fresh mint on hand then today is your lucky day.  All you need is a teapot, mint leaves, water some serving cups and lemon and sweetener for that extra zing.

Boil 3 cups of water.

Remove from the heat and add a handful of mint leaves.

Steep for 3-5 minutes.

Pour in cups and enjoy with/without sweetener or lemon.

Enjoy your caffeine-free Mint hot or cold.




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