neal brennan 3 mics

A month ago when I opened my Netflix app the homepage displayed a picture of a nerdy looking guy and the title read Netflix Original: NEAL BRENNAN-3 MICS.

I had never seen or heard of this guy and you can imagine what followed….Of course….a google search on who is this guy.

Stand- Up Comedian, Writer, Director, Actor, Producer…..Hmm…is there anything this guy is not??? And still I don’t know him???

Further research showed that he was the co-creator and co-writer of Dave Chapelle Show…A show unfortunately I never saw.

So with not much expectation and nothing more interesting to watch I started watching the show.

3 mics….One liners…..Emotional Stuff….Stand-up Comedy….


neal brennan 3 mics

5 minutes into the show I was laughing so hard that tears were running down my legs 🙂

Incredibly funny, Extremely Raw, Brutally Honest, Amazingly Special are only some of the words I can use to describe my experience.

This is hands down of the best stand-up comedy show I have seen in a long time. Most of the comedy shows these days are full of filth and are hard to watch but not this one.  Full of raw comedy and emotional stuff you will be crying and laughing at the same time.

While delivering bouts of laughter and happiness he delves deep into his personal journey of depression and presents it in such a way which emotionally moves you. Who knew that one would learn a heartfelt lesson while enjoying comedy.

I highly recommend watching this show. Punchy 1 liners and fresh standup comedy will make your day….or night and the relationship with his dad and friends and how he dealt with his depression will make you emotional and teary.




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