My kids enjoy sleeping in the tent a-lot and for that reason we do backyard camping every now and then. It had been a while since we did a real outdoor camping so decided to do one.

With camping the thing is that good campsites book in advance, waaay in advance. We were wanting to do Carpinteria State Beach camping a family favorite of ours but unfortunately it was booked. My kids love water and we tried every beach campsite in the Ventura/LosAngeles area but alas all were booked.

We were wanting to go camping so bad that we started looking anywhere we could find a spot. Luckily 1 spot opened at Malibu Creek Park and we quickly booked it. One of our friends also decided to join us for the overnight trip. We usually do our camp booking on It is very easy to use and is updated regularly.

We did not do a lot of packing since it was an overnight trip. Tent, sleeping bags, clothes, snacks, marinated stuff for BBQ, insect repellent, toiletries were some of the things we took.

After setting up our tents we took the kids to Malibu State Beach and they had a blast. By the time we returned they were drained out and hungry. We did BBQ and later the kids enjoyed making s’mores over the fire.

The kids went to sleep early and the adults enjoyed hot Chai, yummy snacks and loads of gossip.

If you are planning to camp there, although its in Malibu, it has a wilderness feel. The bathrooms were clean but a bit of walk with the ground dug a lot by gophers so you need to watch out your step at night.

It is an ideal camp site for hikers and bikers and star watchers too.



( We were able to book our favorite campsite and will soon be blogging it too).






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