its all easy

IT’S ALL EASY: Delicious Weekday Recipes for the Super-Busy Home Cook 

Gwyneth Paltrow (Author), Thea Baumann(Author)

I know, I know. I was thinking the same thing when I picked up this cookbook. I knew it would be another celebrity cookbook with amazing photographs and everything prim and proper. I was expecting it to be a nice picture cookbook which I would love to look at but not the one I would pick up when I need to actually cook. I was wrong.

You need to get over the negative backlash Paltrow gets due to her “has it all” aura. Treat it like any other cookbook and then maybe you can see what she has to offer.

First I will go over the negatives. Firstly, there are far too many beautiful family pictures. I understand having these kind of pictures gives a homely feeling but I guess she just went overboard with them. Secondly, on one hand there are many basic recipes like Grilled Cheese and other ones with fancy names like Zucchini Cacio E Pepe which is basically spiralized Zucchini while on the other hand there are some dishes which require exotic ingredients. I didn’t even know what a Pitaya is and had to google to see what it looks like. So yes there are recipes which will make you roll your eyes over.

On the positive side the book has many interesting recipes which I will soon be making. Most recipes are either vegan or vegetarian and are gluten-free and dairy free. Since my kid has food allergies, I am always looking for easy recipes which are flavorful and do not require a lot of ingredients. Some of the recipes are basic but she has put a surprising twist on them which makes then really appealing.

Overall it is good addition to your cookbook collection if you are vegan, vegetarian,gluten free, dairy free or are simply trying to incorporate some healthy food into your diet.

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