Cravings- Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat

Cravings Book Cover Cravings
Chrissy Teigen, Adeena Sussman,
Clarkson Potter
February 23, 2016

Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat


One thing you all must have guessed by now is that I love Cook Books. There are some which I use genuinely for cooking while there are others which I mostly flip through, admiring the colorful and lovely food pictures. Sometimes while flipping thorough them I will stumble upon a recipe which becomes a favorite of my family.

I follow Chrissy Teigen on social media and enjoy her tweets and food pictures and when she came out with a cookbook I knew I had to get it since it will be full of beautiful clicks.Honestly I thought I will be flipping thorough the book just to look at the pictures and that is exactly how I started. Then my eye caught the hilarious recipe descriptions and from that moment on, I read almost every intro, something you rarely do in typical cookbooks.

As far as the recipes go, they are not super healthy in fact I would put them in the "indulgent" category. I wonder if she actually eats these foods. Hmm. There are some healthier recipes like salads and soups but they are few. The recipes are familiar with a rich twist. An expert cook might find the book too basic or boring. Don't compare the recipes to those by Ina Garten or Ree Drummond since there is no comparison. Just a heads-up,  some of the recipes call for elaborate ingredients.

Overall I think there are some savory recipes in the book which I see myself making pretty soon. Do get this book not only for the recipes and the lovely pictures but also for the interesting intro to each recipe which you too will surely love.



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