becoming nicoleBecoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family

 by Amy Ellis Nutt  (Author)


With all the transgender bathroom controversies in the news these days, this book could not have come at better time. It gives the readers an overview of the issues currently surrounding the transgender community and how has the country progressed socially, politically, culturally regarding this issue.

This is the first book I have read about transgender and i am in awe. I just realized there was soo much i did not know.Becoming Nicole is an amazing struggle of the Maines family particularly Nicole.It offers us an insight into Nicole’s life, a transgender girl and her family’s fight for her rights. The book starts by introducing us to Nicole’s parents and their background how they adopted the twins. From a very young age we see how different both the twins Jonas and Wyatt were. While Jonas was a typical boy loving super hero stuff, Wyatt loved princesses and dresses. We then learn that how Wyatt’s love for girly things keeps on increasing and finally the transition from Wyatt to Nicole.

It the Maines family rollercoaster ride including conflicts with school and other kids,  a major court case, strength of the parents to fight for the rights of their kids, the kids own emotional journey and finally the dads acceptance of having a transgender daughter. I salute the mother for always being there for Nicole and providing her solid rock support. It is totally acceptable of how the dad reacted and how it took time for him accept the reality. The best part is that no matter what he felt, he did not let his feeling cloud his judgement and always did what was needed at that moment.

The author provides enough medical and scientific research to educate us about the topic at hand. The book is very well written and not once do you feel that the family’s privacy is being exploited. I just wish that there was more detail about Nicole’s personal life and what she felt on a daily basis rather than long details about the court hearings .

It is really frustrating to read that on one hand we have progressed so much but on the other hand when it comes to sensitive issue like this, we are still have a long way to go.

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