a child of books

A Child of Books is the story about a girl with no name, who sails her raft on a sea of words and arrives at the house of a boy who is lonely. Since he doesn’t like to read, he feels forgotten and bored. She then invites him to join her on an adventure.


Together, they go on an adventure climbing mountains of Peter Pan typography, playing hide and seek in the forests where the tree trunks are books and the branches are made up of classic fairy tales, escape monsters and much much more.


In the beginning of the book there are bland colors depicting lack of imagination but as their creativity grows we start seeing a pop of color here and there until there is a Big-Bang-Bloom of colors.


In the end the boy returns to a much colorful home, happy with a book tugged under his arms and an army of words trailing behind him.

Throughout the book, the images are made up of words. The water is words, the path is words, the clouds are words, even the shout is words. The best part is that these are not just any random words but each image depicts a classic fairytale.

The true message of the book is that you are never alone if you get in the habit of reading. As you open a book, you enter a new realm and since imagination and fantasy has no bound you will never be bored.

I love that there is a key on the last page with a tag reading “FOR IMAGINATION IS FREE”…… .

So true! All you have to do its open the lock of your mind and flow with the flow.

a child of books

To buy the book vis Amazon click the link  A Child of Books.

The prose style poetry and the illustrations by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston are charming and enchanting.  The kids will enjoy this book due to the illustrations but the adults will love it for the message it brings.

Perfect bedtime book for both adults and kids, one which you will want to look/read over and over again.

Till then,

Happy Reading 🙂


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