Fall is here and that means flu season is around the corner. You can see the lines at the pharmacies getting longer to buy cold medicines. Some days it is cold, other days hot which confuses our bodies and this leads to major aches and pains. For some it can be sniffles for others it can be a sore throat, so in the same house there can be a variety of issues to target. Its nice to try something non-medicinal which warms the body from inside and helps us to relax, open the congestion and soothe the throat.





The COLD SEASON SAMPLER from Yogi Tea is a must for every house. It contains a total of 16 teabags. 4 teabags of 4 flavors each having its own benefit and aroma. The soothing organic herbal tea is specifically formulated for use during the cold weather season



Cold Season Sampler
Cold Season Sampler



The description of each flavor according their website is as follows:


ECHINECEA IMMUNE SUPPORT: This delicious, lightly sweet tea is a supportive blend of Echinacea, Astragalus and Mullein combined with an intriguing combination of Licorice, Peppermint and warming spices.

COLD SEASON: Relax and enjoy a steaming cup of this warming tea. The blend includes Licorice, Eucalyptus and Tulsi to support respiratory function with warming spices traditionally used in Ayurveda.

BREATHE DEEP: Take in the enchanting aroma of this soothing tea with Licorice and Thyme to support respiratory health and Eucalyptus and warming spices for a naturally spicy sweet flavor.

THROAT COMFORT: Slippery Elm Bark and Mullein are blended to help ease minor throat irritation, and Wild Cherry Bark and Licorice help soothe and add sweet flavor in this comforting herbal tea.



4 different flavors inside the box
4 different flavors inside the box


I love tea samplers because you get to taste a variety of flavors before deciding which one you like the best and which one actually works. For less than $5 you get to try 4 flavors of USDA Organic, Vegan, Caffeine-Free herbal tea.

The aromatherapy from smelling these amazing teas opens the congestion and with one sip you can feel the silky smoothness deep inside. As with using any herbal product, make sure to read the side effects or caution before using it.



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