Sukoon is an Urdu Language word which means calm, peace, relief, serenity, tranquility, wholeness. Its not a material object, it cannot be weighed, it cannot be named…it can only be felt. Its the most priceless feeling. So expensive…..yet free. Many a men strive their whole life trying to taste a morsel of it but still remain hungry. Its what our journey of life is all about. To be calm, to be free….to be whole. Nirvana!

We all come across those people who do not have a lot of money, no fancy schmancy stuff yet their aura is so serene that when we move on all we take are positive vibes. That is sukoon.

Crashing on the bed after a productive day with your body sore but smiling with a sense of achievement….that is sukoon

Sitting quietly….so quite that you can hear you own heart beat taste your own breath….that is sukoon

Sharing a good laugh or giving someone the shoulder to cry upon…..that is sukoon

So close your eyes for a moment stop doing what ever you are. Take a deeeeep breath. So deep that you can hear yourself breath and then….let it glide…..What did you feel???

That my friend  is “Sukoon”.


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