Water Balloons-Fun Activity for the Whole Family

Yes…I know…I know. You will be saying that summer is almost gone and fall is just around the corner and now I am talking about Water Activity?? In my defense, we were soo busy enjoying and playing with these water balloons that I had to wait for my clothes to dry up so I could share the fun with you  🙂

We got these water balloons over the summer break for my kids. Filling the balloons and tying them with hand was getting really challenging because you can imagine, kids don’t ask you to tie one…its at least 30 if not more and the truth is half of them pop while tying and you have to start from scratch.

Who ever came up with this “Balloons that tie themselves” idea was pure genius and then decided to sell it to parents like us, makes them Super Heroes.

These are fairly simple to use. The kids can attach them to the end of the hose themselves, turn the water on and then the magic happens. Its better to have a container to collect them once they fall of the straws, we were too lazy so we omitted this step. (To be honest I can never find anything in my house when I need it….I think we have a ghost problem!)

This activity is soo much fun that I am the biggest kid standing around the hose, watching with with my mouth open, waiting for the magical moment to happen when the balloons fall off the straws “TIED”.  WOW!!!!

Unfortunately the ones we got are no longer available. Here is the link to a similar one…..  WATER BALLOONS.


Sneak peak at the fun:





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