I love the Tummy Comfort Tea by Traditional Medicinals. This is my go to herbal tea whenever my kids have tummy troubles. This tea is specially made for kids with milder quantity of herbs and does not have a super strong taste. We use it for stomach aches, digestion complains and sometimes just when my kids want something to warm them up.


Traditional Medicinals Tummy Comfort tea for kids

I usually add a teaspoon of maple syrup, agave or honey to make it more palatable for my kids.

The ingredients are USDA certified organic which means you need not to worry about the source. It only contains 3 herbs

Organic Lemon Balm Leaf: Perennial herb from the mint family. Lemon balm is used for digestive problems, including upset stomach, bloating, intestinal gas, vomiting and colic.

Organic Chamomile Leaf: Daisy like flowers belonging to the  Asteraceae family used for  inflammation, muscle spasm, digestive issues, insomnia, ulcers etc.

Organic Peppermint Leaf: It is a cross between spearmint and winter mint and is used to suppress muscle spams, to treat irritable bowel syndrome etc.

So next time you kiddo complains of tummy troubles instead of reaching for the pink pepto make them a nice cup of tea or add it to their juice and see their aches go away.




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