Last week we went camping for two nights. My son has food allergies so we have to plan in advance before taking any trip. Camping can be a bit challenging since you have to make sure you have everything on hand. It seemed daunting initially but compared to the fun we all had, it was nothing. To give you an idea, my son has dairy, gluten, soy allergies and on top we try to keep sugar at its minimum. He does not have any nut allergies.


Here are some tips for a relaxed and enjoyable camping trip:



Before leaving the house do a thorough research of the area where you are  camping. Print or save the location to the nearest hospital and also the nearest pharmacy on your phone so in case of emergency you have it handy.



Most important tip is medication. Make sure you have the necessary medicines on hand. If someone in the family has nut allergy make sure to have the Epi-Pens handy. Check the expiry before leaving the house. I also carry Benadryl and Ibuprofen for kids just to be safe. And of course you should have a stocked up first-aid kit with bug spray.






Camping First Aid Kit


To avoid cross contamination make sure to have a table cloth to cover the picnic table. We usually take 2-3 disposable ones so if one rips or has another issue, we have another one ready. Its better to have disposable cutlery, plates, glasses etc so you are not spending most of the time washing. My favorite green company is Susty Party .


Sustainable, disposable tableware
Sustainable, disposable tableware



FOOD: I suggest taking the food with you. I know it might seem like a lot of work but this way you will be less worried and feel more in control. Invest a good quality cooler if you plan to make and take food with you. One important tip is to stay safe by avoiding new foods while camping. You never know how your body will react. Here are some ideas for different meals.


Cooler for keeping food fresh
Cooler for keeping food fresh



Invest in a cast iron pie iron. Do not buy the cheap ones as they do not work. This way you will be able to make yummy breakfast items like:

-Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Gluten free bread with vegan cheese)


udi daiya-cheese


-Gluten free waffles & pancake (For recipe Click HERE)


Dairy Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free Pancakes




-Gluten free muffins/ rolls with cream cheese


-Vegan cereal with almond milk


silk one-degree-veganic-sprouted-cereal-boxes



 Snacks: -Fruits & Veggies & Energy Balls (For Recipe Click HERE)


No Bake Date Energy Ball
No Bake Date Energy Ball



-Nuts, Cookies (For recipe Click HERE)


Gluten Free Cookies
Gluten Free Cookies



– Nut Butters or Sunbutter



-Burger with gluten free buns

-Gluten free tortilla wraps (For Recipe Click HERE)


BBQ Chicken wrap with onion and chutney


-Hot Dog (Make sure they are nitrate free)

-Rice with chicken/beans




– Zevia

Leaf & Love Organic Lemonade Juice Box

-Almond Milk


 -Muffins & Cupcakes (For recipe Click HERE)



 –Nuts, Bars , Cake (For Recipe Click HERE)


– S’mores (Marshmallow,  Gluten free graham crackers and enjoylife chocolate)




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