If you want to end your year with a thriller bang, than pick up a copy of “The Last Mrs. Parrish” today.

I started reading this book around midnight and it was soo hard for me to put it down, that when I finally finished it was almost 4 in the morning.

Yes it was totally worth it.

The Last Mrs. Parrish is a psychological thriller with unanticipated twists which keep you wanting to read more and more and make it super hard to put the book down.

In three words this is story of envy, betrayal and revenge.

There are three main characters in the book….Amber, Daphne and her husband Jackson.

The book is carefully broken into three parts.

The first part is from Amber’s perspective. Her plan…… the envy…..

The second is from Daphne’s point of view. Her golden life…… the confinement….the betrayal

The last part is a culmination of both, leading to an unexpected yet delightful conclusion.

Without giving much away the story starts with a nobody Amber who wants the golden life of Daphne and her real estate mogul husband Jackson. Daphne and Jackson are “THE” couple of Bishops Harbor and are blessed with two beautiful daughters.

Using Daphne’s compassion, Amber lands right in the middle of their family. This is the first step of her evil scheme to sabotage the golden relationship. We soon learn that Amber becomes indispensable to the family, going on trips to Europe with them and much more.  To Daphne she is more like a sister now.

Everything is going according to Amber’s plan and soon she will be Mrs. Parrish but will a skeleton from her past jeopardize it all?

Will Amber be able to control it before her hard work does down the drain?

Will Daphne let Amber take it all?

The authors have done a brilliant job at keeping the suspense going on and provide the readers with the most satisfying conclusion and we again learn the lesson that “All that Glitters….is not always Gold”.

Turn off your phone, make yourself a hot drink, shut the doors and make your self cozy on the couch because you will only get up once the book ends.

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