The Autism Revolution Book Cover The Autism Revolution
Martha Herbert, Martha R. Herbert, Karen Weintraub,
Health & Fitness
Ballantine Books
March 12, 2013

I first came across this book in 2014 while reading an article on a website, but for some reason I forgot about it. A few months ago I was listening to a podcast on Dr. Mercola's website when it was again mentioned and without wasting a moment I ordered it.

The book is written by Martha Herbert an M.D from Harvard Medical School. I was pleasantly surprised that she doesn't take the typical route of nothing much can be done about autism, instead delves deep inside and tries to explain what is going on inside. The book is written in a very positive manner which speaks hope and is very informative in explaining what happens in an autistic body. The passion of the author can be felt in the words which show that she cares deeply about this topic.

The book is very well researched and contains many valid points. Dr. Herbert's main focus is on the diet and it makes complete sense to me. Like the saying goes Garbage in...Garbage Out, food plays a vital role in helping these kids which generally holds true for anyone, even us. She further goes on and tries to explain why removing toxins can help reduce the stress on the body.

The book contains personal stories of kids on the spectrum. It is the most sensible book on biomedical intervention. How, by tweaking a bit here and there, were the parents able to see some wonderful results. It is not a book which can be read in a hurry. Rather one where you will constantly be making side notes and scribbling things which you either did not know and want to try, or something you knew but had slipped your mind.

I really think this a must read if you have a kid on the spectrum or you know someone and wish to understand them better. My only negative remark is that I was wishing that the author would dig deep into other aspects besides nutrition and toxins too and give some practical strategies about how to deal with issues like sleep or major behaviors. That being said, these things should not stop you from buying this book, because it truly is very informative.

The appendices is full of useful tips and data tracking charts. All I will say in the end, is that it is one of those books which should be a part of your personal library because you will actually gain a lot from it, and if correctly applied you will definitely see some results, and for parents of autistic kids, we all know that even a small improvement means a huge victory.




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