COOKED (TV Mini Series)

COOKED (Mini-Series)


cooked mini series


We are all soo busy with everything going on in our lives that for a lot of people cooking has become a tedious chore. When I was young, the kitchen was the most happening place of the house. The stoves were always busy and there were dishes always ready to be washed, the kitchen….a mess.  Separate dishes were cooked for lunch and for dinner. Cooking was not considered a hard chore, rather a form of art where the cook would display their remarkable skills.

Contrary to my childhood, recently I have been in houses where the kitchen is the most cleanest part of the house and the host would tell you with pride that it is hardly used. “We are soo busy that we don’t have time to cook. Most days we do take outs or live on freezer meals.

Cooked is a refreshing series which brings back the love of cooking. The episodes are based on 4 elements, Earth, Fire, Wind, Water. Michael Pollan, the author and host of the series talks in detail what food meant to humans throughout the history and how it brought people together. In the series he becomes the apprentice himself and cooks alongside culinary masters taking us along on this journey.

The message of the series is to return to the kitchen and reclaim the lost traditions of cooking. Watching the series will definitely make you hungry and you will, for sure, appreciate the art of cooking and will want to head to the kitchen to bring out your lost culinary skills.

The series is available for free streaming on Netflix, so check it out tonight.

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