Savannah Royal Jelly Body Butter

I tried a tester of the Royal Jelly Body Butter at my local health store and my hands felt smooth and silky the whole day. I had never heard of royal jelly before so went online to read more about it. You can read the company’s story and check out their other products at Savannah Bee. As far as what is royal jelly, the company website states:

Royal jelly is a substance secreted from glands near the head region of worker bees. In the honeybee hive environment, royal jelly may be thought of as a combination baby food and queen food. So, consumption of royal jelly by the future queen actually transforms her into the queen phenotype (fancy word for body type). In addition, this miraculous secretion allows this individual to live up to five years compared to the eight-month average lifespan of the typical worker bee. Although royal jelly is mostly water, it is very nutritious. Royal jelly contains a fair amount of protein, trace minerals, and vitamins (particularly high levels of B vitamins).

Savannah Royal Jelly Body Butter
Body Butter in Sensitive, Original and Tupelo Honey


The body butter comes in 3 varieties Original, Sensitive and Tupelo Honey. More details on each of them can be read at Savannah Bee Website.

I ended up purchasing the original one. To start of, the glass jar is enclosed in a beautiful, sturdy box which is very well designed and looks very elegant. I know you will say its all about the product and if it works. Well, it has a thick creamy texture which easily glides on your skin and has a unique blackberry smell. The best part is that it gets absorbed very quickly and leaves you with the right amount of silkiness and shine.  Put it on when you come out of the shower or just before going to bed to have maximum benefit. My skin felt much smoother just after a few uses. Although not stated, I have been using a little on my face and I must say that my dry patches are slowly disappearing and my skin is becoming soft again.

Savannah Royal Jelly Body Butter-Original

Since it’s a body butter, if you have really oily skin then this product is not for you but if you have normal, dry or combination skin you are in for a treat.

If you can’t stand strong blackberry smell you can always try the sensitive or tupelo honey and see which one works for you. So next time you see this product, do pick up the jar and try it on. You will definitely enjoy the softness for the whole day.

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