Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena Vinegar Gel Cleaner

mrs meyers vinegar gel

I recently purchased this cleaner at my local Target for $ 3.99 . I am already a Mrs. Meyers products lover so had to give this one a try. With a get together coming up, I thought it is the best opportunity to use it around the house and see if it works.

According to Mrs. Meyers website it is  98% naturally derived. There is no artificial color and is Biodegradable. It is made with Vinegar, Plant-derived ingredients, essential oils and does not contain phthalates, artificial colors, parabens. A complete list of ingredients, what is it and its  usage can be found at


The cleaner smells just like the other products in the lemon-verbana line and best part is thati did not smell the vinegar at all. It is a thick flowy gel and since it does not run freely like a liquid so you have more control on how much to use.


YES!!! To clean tiles with grime I would turn to bleach or products having bleach so I thought it is the perfect opportunity to see if it works. My tiles came out as clean if i had used bleach instead but the best part is that they smelled amazing and also since this is a no rinse formula, I did not have to wash the surface. I did have to apply some elbow grease at the corners but that i would do when using bleach also so no biggie.

I used it later in the bathrooms and again not at all disappointed. I had to use a little bit more where the stains were tough. They did not fade away completely but it did a decent job.

Overall I think its a very good product which works and smells great. So next time you are in target or shopping online do grab a bottle. You too will be one satisfied customer.


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