Whenever I volunteer at my kids schools I see a juicebox in everyone lunchbox. I am not against juice but its the sugar content which makes me worried because the juice is not the only sweet thing in the lunchbox. You will see cookies or yogurt or some kinds other sweet treat too.

I was making juice at home and sending it in a bottle but the kids wanted something in an attractive packaging. I looked in various health stores and regular supermarkets but could not find something which satisfied me.

Finally looking online I came across Leaf and Love Organic Lemonade.

leaf and love lemonade

Unfortunately it was not sold in any stores near me so ended up ordering it from amazon. I was worried because as it was only sold in bulk, what if the kids didn’t like it, it will all go waste.

Luckily not only they like it, they took some to share it with their friends too.



 leaf and love pink lemonade



The ingredients are simple: Filtered water, Organic Lemon Juice, Stevia Extract, Himalayan Pink Salt. It is organic, non gmo, vegan,  gluten free and has low glycemic index . It tastes just like a fresh lemonade and does not any aftertaste which is common in products sweetened with stevia. Good products for diabetics.

Healthy option for lunch boxes and parties and also for anyone with an on the go lifestyle.

From their website, here is a comparison chart different juices:


Leaf and Lemonade Brands comparison

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