I tried these bars overseas and it was love with first bite. When I came back I totally forgot about them. A few weeks after settling in wanted something sweet and satisfying. I could not remember the name at the top of my head so went to the market to find them. Returned disappointed as they were no where to be seen. I remembered the packaging but had forgotten what they were called exactly. Luckily while emptying my carry on I realized I had an empty wrapper.

These yummy bars are called Nak’d and come in a variey of flavors. They are made in U.K and are Kosher. More about them can be found at

If you cannot choose between the flavors you can always buy the Variety Pack to decide which is your favorite.Dates and cashews  and raisins are the main ingredients. I do not find them too sweet which is why I love them and your sweet tooth will thank you later. If you do not like cashews, they have some flavors which have almond instead of cashews.

Do give these bars a try and let me know what you think of them:)

Nak’d Cocoa Delight
Bought a whole box of Nak’d Bars
Checkout the ingredients
Chocolate bar in all its glory



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