Mrs Piggle-Wiggle



Betty Macdonald (Author), Alexandra Boiger (Illustrator)


I was looking for an audio book for my kids and this came with heavy recommendations. My kids loved listening to it and it was a treat seeing them laughing and enjoying.

Mrs Piggle-Wiggle lives in an upside down house and loves to bake cookies. She was married once to a pirate once who buried the treasure in their backyard. The kids love her and play around her house. She is a neighbor everyone wishes to have. Though she does not have kids of her own, she is an expert when it comes to solving their problems something she calls as “cures”.

The humor lies in how the problem is exaggerated, the funny names of the characters, the parents asking Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle for help and how the child is finally”cured”. The problems are very real for example not wanting to go to bed or quarreling all the time or taking forever to eat food. I am pretty sure we all have been in that place at least once. My favorite is the last chapter “Fighter Quarrelers Cure”.

This is a must have book for kids. It is one of those books which both the girls and boys will enjoy irrespective of their age. If you plan to buy this book, I highly recommend the Audio Book format as the kids really enjoy listening to it.

So get ready for loads of giggles and laughter when you bring this book home.


Till then,

Happy Reading!

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