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Yes you read it just fine….Just TWO!


Firstly invest in YOURSELF.



Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t want you all to start investing in the superficial things like clothes and shoes and accessories etc. But instead, listen to your body on a deeper level.

This year attend to all non-glamorous things, mainly your health. All those noises and signs your body has been showing and those which you keep on ignoring, now is the time to attend to them. With every passing year you are not going to be any younger, so be wiser.

From the constant ringing in the ears, to the popping of  the joints to the occasional tooth pain to gasping for air at night are merely some examples of our body alarming us that something is wrong somewhere but we knowingly ignore it. We push it and push it till it breaks and then we attend to it often with phrases like “When did it start?” or “Why me?”.

So this year become pro-active and schedule your yearly physical exam today, feed the body the necessary supplements and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Health comes hand in hand with what you put in you mouth. 2016 taught us a lot about GMO’s and the pesky artificial ingredients hidden in our foods. Educate yourself. For starters head to EWG for a complete list of the dirty dozen and clean fifteen vegetables and fruits. Learn how to read labels and remember not all calories are equal so stop stressing about it.

Do your bones and joints a favor and move. Start with leisure walks and build up your stamina for some real killer moves. Do some kind of exercise every day even if it’s a 5 minute dance. For me the real thing this year will be adding weights to my workouts. If you are clueless, like me, ask your friend who loves to workout or if you are too shy to ask anyone, make YouTube your best friend.

Lastly do something soothing for yourself in 2017. Be it cooking, dancing, reading, exploring, meditating, listening to music or simply hanging out with friends, plan it. Write it in your schedule/planner, or put it in your cell phone calender, and block sometime every week or better yet every other day for some “me- time”.

Secondly invest in your relationship with God….


south lake tahoe pier

What ever religion you belong to or who ever you believe in, its time to reconnect.

I am sure we all have been praying one way or another but this is not about that. I want you to strengthen your belief.  I want you all to find  that sweet contentment, the ultimate sukoon.

Even if you are not a religious person, we all have had that special moment in our lives, sometimes just for a split second…a feeling so pure….a feeling when you felt at your very best….when you felt you needed nothing more….a feeling so honest that you felt it could not get better….lastly a feeling so holy that knew it wasn’t earthly.

I want that this year you try to get that feeling back in your life. There are people out there who pray and worship every day of their lives but still feel there is something missing whereas they are some, despite having nothing, feel contented.

Reconnect on a higher level. Make your intentions pure and then strive for that wholesomeness. Every day take out some time and pray. Trust me, that will only come by going back to the roots and re-establishing or strengthening  your bond with God. Never will you be struck with depression again and the “Why Me” questions will get less stressful. Once you have that sacred bond established, life will get easier. You might not end up having everything but you will be blessed with the ultimate feeling we all strive for our whole lives…..Contentment….Sukoon.

What are your plans for 2017?

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