Before you start googling what the hell web voyage is, let me tell you right now….

It’s the web surfing or I should rather say jumping from one website to another, either trying to pass time when stuck in a boring situation or when you can’t sleep or when the TV is on but you need something more or when you are waiting in the carpool lane or in the bathroom…..get the idea?

It is during these online journey’s of mine, that I usually find gold. Not in the literal sense but metaphorically or else I would have been a millionaire by now…:)

Sometimes my digital escapades include must see places around the globe while other times it’s a satirical article. Sometimes a biography while other times the breath-taking interiors of homes and so on….

So once a while, let me take you with me on my Web Voyage and lets cry…. laugh….get scared…..hold our breath….be amused…..be awed together and have fun 🙂

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