infernoINFERNO– Dan Brown (Author)


Let me start of by saying that unlike a lot of people I like Dan Brown’s style of writing. I have read almost all of his books and enjoyed them.

In the “Robert Langdon Series” you will notice a similar trend . The chapters are short and  incredibly fast paced. There are various twists and turns which are loaded with codes and mystery. The  protagonist is highly resourceful and seems to find help at odd times which usually makes the readers roll their eyes.  With all that said, he might not be the best writer out there but his books are interesting and are page turners for sure.

Inferno is based on Dante’s Divine Comedy. The book opens with a disoriented Robert Langdon, admitted in an Italian Hospital. He has no account of the last 36 hours and cannot recall why a macabre object is hidden in his stuff. His sidekick this time is doctor Sienna Brooks and together they flee the hospital only to begin a distressing journey, dodging a female assassin and unraveling a series of codes based upon the outstanding work of Dante Alighieri.

The book is full of details of various architecture and artwork spread throughout Florence. You will find yourself googling various images which serve as the base of the book. Unfortunately at times Dan Brown goes over board with details about the bridges, buildings, streets, artwork and the book becomes more of a travel brochure instead.

I was really surprised that this book has been made into a movie and it will be launched later this year. Click the link to see the trailer: INFERNO MOVIE TRAILER

Overall not an outstanding book but a good read. Once you get used to Dan Brown’s writing style you will like this book. If nothing else, you will enjoy a trip to Florence in the comfort of your home, one of the main reasons why I will definitely see the movie.

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