Gluten Free,Vegan Fruit Snacks by YumEarth

While  searching for cleaner alternatives of fruit snacks which are laden with artificial dyes and tons of sugar I came across Yum Earth Organics . Like  I mentioned earlier, my younger son has food allergies and cannot have gluten ,dairy or soy. We try to keep sugar intake as low as possible in a house too. Sometimes it gets hard as other kids in his class bring lots of packaged goodies like cookies, fruit chews, candy etc. Its nice to have something handy which is not that processed and which can be a treat once a while.

Bulk pack with portion controlled packs


Before this we tried a couple of other vegan fruit chews too. Some of them were too tough to chew, others tasteless which some despite being all natural had a medicinal after taste. YumEarth on the other hand are perfect. If no one tells you that these are not your regular fruit snacks, you will never guess it. They tend to be less sweet though which is why I love them.

Each piece is carved in the shape of a fruit which is adorable and tend to taste like the fruit they represent.

Yum Earth
Individual pieces shaped like fruits


So if you are looking for a treat for yourself or to your kids look no further. These YumEarth fruit snacks will cheer you up. Try one today and let me know.

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