On April 20, 2010 eleven men died when the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig exploded making it the worst oil disaster in U.S History. This event happened 41 miles southeast of Louisiana Coast. The spilling continued for 87 days. The details of this disaster can be read on Encyclopedia Britannica

Peter Berg’s “Deepwater Horizon” movie, recreates this horrific catastrophe in the most realistic way. Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Gina Rodriguez ,John Malkovich give stellar performances and add depth to the movie.

The movie shows the events leading to the monstrous explosion and the unfortunate tragedy, but focuses mainly on the survival aspects. On one side you see this huge explosion, smoke, fire, calamity and on the other side are the people trying to escape, trying to make it out alive. Imagine for once, in the chaos, struggling to escape while witnessing the demon of fire engulfing your fellow crew members.

A must watch not only due to the heart pounding, thrilling action but the scare of the huge price we have to pay for a single negligence when working with nature and finally a feeling of gratitude for the everyday unsung heroes……..


Here is the trailer:



Here are some actual pictures from the oil  spill:


Deepwater Horizon Rig in flames
Deepwater Horizon Rig in flames  (via google)




Pelicans covered in oil
Pelicans covered in oil       (via google)




Satellite Imagery of the Oil Spill
Satellite Imagery of the Oil Spill     (via google)


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