My love for Herbal Teas grows every day.

With the weather cooling down at a fast rate, its time to add more deeper, richer, bolder flavors to your drinks without bulking them up.

I love Peppermint Tea and when I saw a Chocolate Peppermint Tea from Harney and Son’s, I knew I had to try it.

I love that the tea comes in a reusable tin which has a beautiful maroon-ish burgundy color. The luxurious triangular tea bags are made of e and maintain their freshness. It is one tea you will fall in love on the first whiff.

Chocolate, peppermint, vanilla……do I need to say more.

The tea reminds me of After-Eight Mint Chocolate which I loooove.

This is not a caffeine free tea but the caffeine levels are pretty moderate, between 40-60mg, depending on how strongly you brew it.

Since this level of caffeine does not affect my sleep, I usually enjoy it at the end of a long day, cuddled up on my sofa in my PJs and a throw.

The ingredients are simple, Black Tea with Peppermint and natural chocolate and vanilla flavors. I usually brew it for around 3 minutes and then enjoy it as is. The tea has a slight sweet note to it but you can add a sweetener to sweeten it more and dash of milk will make it more rich.

I can safely say that this comfort in a cup.

So if you like chocolate and mint, then do try this Tea… will love it.  There is no artificial taste or smell which makes it oh so good.

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Till then,

Happy Tea-ing 🙂


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