cracked wheat, dalia, lapsi

Surprisingly a lot of people, myself included did not know the many benefits of Bulgar. A staple in Middle Eastern, Turkish and North Indian Cuisine, I was not much familiarized with it. My only interaction with Bulgar was when having Tabbouleh. But thanks to Google, YouTube and a lovely Middle Eastern Cookbook, it all changed. […]

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Fall is here and the weather is slowly cooling down. Still there are days when the sun decides to shine with all its might and make us sweat but those days seem to be slowly paving the way for cool breezes and lower temperatures. When the days become cooler, one just wishes to cuddle up […]

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Who doesn’t love Popcorn? Light Airy Fluffy Low Calorie Perfect snack for movie nights, game nights, get together , random munching and what not. When ever I buy a big bag of already popped pop corn, there are leftovers and no matter how hard I try, air gets into the bag and you end up […]

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DAHI PHULKI (Mini Gram Flour Dumplings in Yogurt Sauce)

There are times when I want something savory and tangy and filling and yummy and the one thing which satisfies all these cravings is Dahi Phulki. I am definitely not saying that there aren’t other savory things, the thought of which makes my mouth water, but this is something which you can whip up in […]

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