Portrait of a Nation, Second Edition: Men and Women Who Have Shaped America

Portaits of a nation


I was surprised to see no review anywhere about this book. The title intrigued me since its all about the people who shaped this great nation. Now i know that technically its not a reading book but in a way it is. First of all there are amazing portraits of the prominent people of America in the form of paintings, photographs, drawings, posters, sculptures, screen-prints, and digital video stills. Each image is accompanied with a commentary about the person or his life along with alongwith a little something about who made/took the image and the feel around it.
What makes it a good read it that the commentary is written in such an interesting way that makes you want to know more about the artist or the famous person portrayed and hence you will find yourself reading more and more. Some of the things mentioned are those aspects of their life which you might not know and it opens the doors for you to read more.
I really recommend it to anyone who wants to know about the great people who shaped this great nation.

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