The Plum tree

The Plum Tree, December 24, 2012

I had read mixed reviews of this book on amazon but still went ahead and read the book because of the storyline.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it although it is haunting and heart breaking and is an eerie account of the holocaust. It is about young German girl, Christine and a wealthy Jewish boy,  Issac during the WWII and the Nazi occupation of Germany. The story revolves around their love, their families struggles, the war, bombings, concentrations camps, death, tragedy. We see the journey through Christine’s eyes and how she copes with all of it. What happens to her and Isaac’s family.

The book is very well written but sometimes the author went overboard with describing the landscape around. Other times there is so much emotional details about Christine that the author forgets to mention what is going on with other important characters. Also i felt the end could have been better, it just felt like a forced one.

The haunting events mentioned in the book will linger on with you for a while. For a moment you do stop and think about the dark period.With all that said I don’t think its an amazing book but a good read.

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