The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch – April 7, 2015   by Donna Tartt (Author)

First of all it took me a month to finish this book. There were so many times when i forgot that I was even reading this book, but the best part is that whenever i picked it up to read again, the plot came running back to me.

The main character is Theodore “Theo” Decker. The book begins with how he loses his mother in a blast and gets a valuable piece of art in the chaos.

Theo is then taken by a wealthy family who is strange in many ways. Sometimes they seem funny and sometimes really odd. Later how his father comes back in his life and takes him to Las Vegas and what happens there. The story then jumps 8 years and we then follow Theo on his various ups and downs and how the art piece plays an important role in all of it.

The reason it took me forever to read the book was its feel. At various times I was feeling the pain and depression of the characters with an intensity which was overwhelming. Other times I felt the author wrote soo many words to express a situation which could be done in a few. Lastly the main character at times acts soo poorly that you really want to yell at him.

The book has a very captivating beginning but losses interest in the mid and stalls and the end though not bad could have been better. If it were half its size the impact of it would have been more. Personally i will suggest to read it only if you like loong, deeply moving books which have pain and agony and might leave you feeling a bit despressed.

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