Girl on the trainThe Girl on the Train – January 13, 2015


To start off, let me just say that this book was chock-full of suspense and I finished it in one sitting. Girl on the train is mysterious, dark, at times gloomy but overall a chilling psychological thriller.

It is the story of Rachel ,a drunk, post divorce woman who still is not over her past. A sad soul who has given in to drinking. She takes the same train everyday which passes though her old neighborhood where she once lived with her ex husband Tom, who now lives in the same house with his new wife Anna and their kid. As her past is too painful for her, she starts to focus on another couple whom she names Jess (Megan) and Jason (Scott) and who live a few houses down. She sees them everyday and in her mind thinks just how perfect and happy they are.  Deep inside she is jealous of them. The book moves on with small details here and there until one day when the train passes she sees something horrific. The next day she wakes up with an acute hangover and lots of bruises and total amnesia about last night but she has a gut feeling that something bad happened. When she realizes that  Megan is missing she turns to the police to tell them what she knows and decides to dig deeper and find the truth for herself. We will eventually find out how the three women though totally different are all related somehow.

There are  times when the book goes really dark and gives you chills while at other places the characters  become really annoying. Also half way through the book I knew who must be culprit and I was right.  But that did not stop me from finishing the book. Overall I liked the book and if you are into psychological thrillers, go for it.

A movie based on the book is already in works and the trailer looks really good. Check it out at After seeing the trailer I am equally excited to see the movie as well. Hoping it is as good as the book. Fingers crossed.

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