Seven Brief Lessons on Physics Book Cover Seven Brief Lessons on Physics
Carlo Rovelli
Riverhead Books (Hardcover)
March 1, 2016


First of all let me start off by saying "Gorgeous, gorgeous cover art". It was one of the many reasons I picked up this book.

Now onto the book itself.

There are 7 brief lessons on different topics in physics like Quanta, Particles, Probability,  Black Holes and so on. The author Carlo Rovelli, founder of Loop Quantum Gravity Theory has tried to simplify the lessons as much as possible but they are still complex and intricate.

Don't get be wrong, my curiosity was raised and I really wanted to dig deeper and get a good grip of the topics being discussed. Despite having a background in Science I found this book to be heavy and I am sure that  a layman will have a really hard time understanding the lessons.

This book can be treated like a sample menu where you get to try bite size pieces of everything and then you decide which one you like the best. Each lesson is deeper than the previous one and trust me there will be at least one, which you will want to know more about.

The subject is powerful in itself but the words do complete justice and are equally resonating. Some lessons were more interesting than the others. I really wished that there were some newer findings covered too as this book only covers theories through ages.

Overall it is a decent book. Definitely not the best one out there. If you want a brief , brief,  walk through different theories Physics has to offer over the ages then do read this book. Under 100 pages, it wont take you long to read but will leave you yearning for more.



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