From Business Woman to Housewife

From Business Woman to Housewife: My Journey to Finding Inner Peace

Mina Irfan (Author)


This is one of those self-help books in which the author takes you on their personal journey to freedom and happiness and along the way you learn how to bring contentment in your life too. It is not another run-of the-mill self help book, infact one which will seriously help you to make real changes.

A life coach, successful You tuber and a huge believer in Law of Attraction, Mina talks in detail how, by using different strategies and changing her mindset was she able to achieve success and bring peace and contentment in her life.

Each chapter of the book talks in-depth about a certain topic eg. Nutrition, Exercise etc. and Mina adds her personal experience related to the topic which makes it more interesting and motivational. Each chapter is full of real and valuable advice which actually works.  My personal favorite being, that instead of adding loads of products to your skin care or makeup to hide the blemishes and pimples, lessen the burden on your skin by eating well and removing the unwanted tension from your life.

Being a huge believer of Law of Attraction, she explains how she used it to attract love and contentment in her life. Unfortunately I am not a big “Law of Attraction” fan but that did not stop me from reading the book.  You don’t have to be a law of attraction believer to enjoy the book. The bottom line is that if you really want things to happen, you need to change your mindset and make a serious effort.

An excellent read, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to bring a healthy change in their life. Full of motivational tips and guidance, you will be inspired  in very little time. I am awestruck that at such a young age Mina has soo much wisdom to offer which comes from an honest heart, full of passion and positivity and am glad that she is decided to share those pearls of wisdom with everyone.

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