Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Book Cover Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
Ben Fountain
February 26, 2013


Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

There are some books with an unforgettable haunting melody which stays with you for a long time. Billy Lynn’s long Halftime walk is one such book. It is pure, eye-opening, humorous yet sad but above all gives you a chance to view the war heroes from a new lens…..a bitter realistic one!

It is a satire set in Texas during the Iraq War. Billy Lynn, a 19-year-old bona fide war hero along with seven members of  his bravo company are about to be honored at the  Dallas Cowboys’ Halftime Thanksgiving home game for their bravery which was captured & uploaded by a journalist and has become viral. The story takes place in a single day, following the squad as they make their way into the stadium in the morning and ends at night with their departure. On one hand Billy and his company members are struggling to accept what happened back in Iraq and feel like they are being honored on the worst day of their lives and on the other hand we see how the show must go on and how a Hollywood producer is trying to get a movie deal out of it.

It is not a typical story of Iraq War, in fact the tables are turned and this time the focus is on the American people. The book shows the disconnect between the military and the civilians in today’s modern world. People have no idea what happens overseas during war and they don’t even care. Through the eyes of Billy we realize that everyone wants to shake hands with a war hero and encourage them to keep on fighting as long as they are comfortably watching it from the comfort of their homes. It is frustrating to see the bitter reality how the war heroes are treated compared to professional athletes or celebrities in terms of money  and attention.

I think Ben Fountain has done a magnificent job considering this is his debut novel. It is an amazing must-read anti-war novel with characters which will touch your soul especially Billy and will force you to find better ways to support the troops then just shaking hands and saying we are so proud of you.

Do read this novel before it hits the theatres on 11th November 2016. Here is a sneak peak —-> BILLY LYNN’s LONG HALF TIME WALK MOVIE TRAILER.

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