lessons learned in life

My life has soo many rich, vibrant, eye-popping, nose opening, jaw dropping lessons that it was honestly hard to choose which one should make the list. But since I am suffering from short-term memory loss these were all I could remember. Maybe more later.

Without further ado and in no particular order here are the valuable lessons learnt:

1.  Elves are not real. I leave my house upside down every other night but they never show up. Maybe the shoemaker is seriously keeping them busy.



2. Low quality canned Beets taste like old sweater tucked at the bottom of a tote/trunk laden with Moth Balls.


3. On a 16 hour-long flight if your seat is next to a bathroom you will have an aromatic journey.


4. On the same note, wearing headphones do not conceal your farts. Unfortunately people travel with their nose and ears.



5. Life was giving me lemons until my neighbor chopped off their lemon tree. Now I have to buy them like everyone else.


6. First it was the parents now its my kids. Why can’t I ever find the remote when I seriously need it and how come they know the exact scene to make an entry?



7.  Why does my GPS think that by now I can tell the difference  in 1 mile and 200 ft. I am still learning distance so it needs to take it slow.




 8. Everything brown is not chocolate. Especially if you have kids.


9. Miracles happen. You can happily recover the cake, you trashed a while ago from the bottom of the bin and just by removing a thin-film of coating eat it too.



10. Clothes do not walk out of the dryer into the closets on their own. They need assistance.

11. You are never first. So don’t rejoice. There is always someone who has already done what you thought you would be the first one to achieve in the entire human race.



12. Disney should have a ” Patience Award” for watching the same movie over and over again without complaining.


13. A bad joke is still a joke.



14. Buying cleaning products does not guarantee a clean house.


15. You can join the green bandwagon by turning your chicken curry into Biryani or using cookie tin to store sewing stuff.


That’s it folks….

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  1. Hilarious! I once had a neighbor with an avacado tree, so I feel you. And you are absolutely correct, they should have a patience award for watching the same movie over and over and over and over again.
    “You’re killing me Smalls,” The Sandlot
    Great article!

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