It’s Back to School time again. I, unlike most parents wait almost till the end to do something (I know how lazy I am). So when I went to my local market to buy the school supplies for my kids I was expecting an empty office supply area and complete peace, but I was wrong. For some reason, this year a lot of moms and dads stole my idea and the place was crammed with over whelmed parents and annoyed kids. You could easily tell no one was having fun. My kids and I quickly got the things we needed and made our way out of the danger zone to breathe. With the school supplies done, now came the fun part. Lunchboxes!

Who doesn’t love the beautiful, colorful, thematic,comes in all shapes and sizes boxes for snacks and lunch. With so many options out there, choosing a colorful and practical lunchbox can be daunting. Fear not! Today I bring to you 10 must haves lunchbox accessories.



From Superheroes to pretty Princesses to Solid Colors, you can find lunchbox totes or bags in almost any shape and size. Personalize it to make the kids feel more special. Pottery Barn Kids has a variety of lunch bags to choose from and you can get it personalized too for a decent price Remember this bag will carry all the yummy goodies so make sure it is of a good quality and will hold well. If personalizing is not your thing then let the kids choose from ZAK lunch bags which come in a variety of their favorite characters. For older kids go for Arctic Zone.






As a rule of thumb buy containers which are easy to open, leak-proof and if plastic, BPA free. I like to buy lunch boxes which are already divided into compartments so I don’t have to send snacks or extra treats in separate baggies. If you have young ones, try to buy more than one lunchbox as they often forget it at school or might even lose it. I really love Bento Style lunch boxes and some of my favorite are PlanetBox, Arctic Zone and Easy Lunch Boxes.





My kids love having rice & chicken or pasta for lunch. If you send it in the regular lunchbox, by lunch time it gets cold and they do not want to eat cold hard pasta or rice. Food jars are perfect for sending any such food. I personally love the Funtainers from Thermos which keeps the food hot for 5 hours. Don’t forget to add an icepack.




In our house we love reusable water bottles, plastic bottles are not our thing. My son usually fills his bottle at night and keeps it in the fridge to chill. My favorite brands are Contigo, CamelBak and Nalgene. If you plan to send flavored water or juice, I highly suggest these glass bottles from Lifefactory which come with a silicone cover for a secure grip and prevents breakage.




Do not add the ketchup or dressing to the lunchbox directly because it might spread everywhere. Use dressing storage containers from Sistema which even hold olive oil without leaking. They are 1 oz in size and hold enough dressing for dipping or some yogurt for rice.






Who can resist a cute dinosaur sandwich or cute penguin cucumber. I love the Munchkin Silly Sandwich Cutter which works wonders. You can also use Cookie Cutters which work perfectly well for sandwiches as well as with fruits and veggies.


sandwich cutter
Munchkin Sandwich Cutter




Sometimes you want to send something extra, like cookies or nuts or some blueberries. Instead of putting them in a Ziploc bag where they might end up being squashed, use a Silicone Cup which will provide the extra cushion and keep the treat in perfect condition.





Lets be honest, anything on a Sword Toothpick is adorable and will be eaten in a jiffy. Skewer some fruits or cheese or vegetable pieces on the sword and see your kid eat it in one big bite. Now I know it’s not a must for lunchbox, but I know it works amazing for picky eaters.







If you think your kids will throw the cutlery you send,  try buying disposable spoons and forks in bulk. If they are old enough and responsible to take care of it, send them with good quality stainless steel cutlery.






If you plan to send some food item which you think needs to be kept cold, don’t forget to add icepack to the lunchbox. This way the food will not go bad and you will not end up with a sick child.



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